GRE Preparation and Coaching Classes Options

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Online live classes / offline coaching (Batch / one-on-one)

Option 1

GRE full course

80-hr coaching covering all areas of the exam

20-hr basic math  module(Optional)




For whom?

Those who are new to GRE

Option 2

GRE verbal exclusive


30-hr intensive coaching in all areas




 For whom?

Those who seek intensive inputs in verbal

Option 3

GRE score improvement package

Covers special areas in math/verbal which need improvement

Ranging from 15 hr to 25 hr as per your request

For whom?

Those who are already preparing/ planning to re-take


Option 4

GRE math course


Covers special areas in math/verbal which need improvement

Ranging from 15 hr to 25 hr as per your request

For whom?

Those who haven’t done math in a while 


Why choose semantics GRE program

825 pages of study notes

10 minute tests in every session

Extra hours of help in weak areas

Supervised weekly targets:
Reading passages / formulae listing/idioms...

Curriculum updated regularly

Complimentary 15hrs of IELTS/TOEFL classes

10 must NOT DOs for GRE reading comprehension

Here are 10 must not do’s

  1. Reading only for the topic:Read for the author’s opinions running parallel to the topic as well
  2. Concentrating on the specific details:Higher weight-age questions demand overall intent, flow and tone of the passage.
  3. Choosing a stated idea for inference question:The answer to an inference question is never explicitly stated in the passage; it is implied
  4. Taking the notes too far:One way to keep track of a long passage is by making thought flow chart; use symbols arrows to show relationships
  5. Losing track of ‘who says what’:The passage may present multiple perspectives- of the author’s, someone else’s ( being quoted)..
  6. Overlooking the question stem.:Some question stems are simple, yet others roundabout. ensure that you are clear what the question asks.
  7. Undermining the need to build vocabulary:One third of the RC questions demand word knowledge…. Skepticism, laudatory, archaic, condescending…these all appear
  8. Over reading:Skip, examples, specific details, long parenthetical statements….
  9. ‘ NOT SEEing crucial words- Only, except, not in the question stem
  10. First reading- a slow ‘thorough’ reading:The first reading can be a faster skimming, for the main points of discussion.

At our GRE coaching centre in Chennai, we conduct classes covering all areas. You can also attend our GRE online classes.Register for our reading workshops To know more… here.

Your queries answered

If you are 100% done with the concepts, yes. Otherwise, no.

If you are 100% done with the concepts yes. Otherwise no.

Yes! You can. Any graduate can. You might have to revisit school math. In-fact you might have an edge in verbal section. Spend more time on math If you are in India, join our GRE coaching classes in Chennai.
Together, let’s make a realistic 30-day plan with teaching inputs in select areas. If you are in India, join our GRE coaching in Chennai.

Let’s chat and find out the gaps in your previous attempt.  A workable re-plan with material and teaching inputs would suffice.

Mere reading practice is insufficient. You need to master critical reading skills.
Join the 10hr reading comprehension module.
Yes! The content, methodology and the evaluation process are the same. Our GRE online classes follow the same structure as our offline classes. Speak to our tutors and see if GRE online coaching suits you..

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What students say
Despite having a non-engineering background, I was able to master math and reasoning concepts easily thanks to the unique approach that focused on the exam. The whole course got me thinking in a lean, logical and result-oriented manner. I highly recommend it.

….Joshua K
I had taken training at Semantics for GRE. The material provided for both quantitative and verbal sections were all encompassing and covered the fundamental concepts with clear examples. The tutors are also very friendly and make sure that all students understand the concepts thoroughly before moving on to further topics. The training helped me crack GRE with a score of 313 and I’m currently pursuing MS in Analytics at University of Texas at Dallas.

….Navin karthik

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