GRE vocabulary exercise 1 – Use prefixes to remember words

GRE vocabulary quiz

Learning the meaning of root words, prefixes, and suffixes. They can sometimes help you deduce the definition of an unfamiliar GRE word.

Can you guess these words…

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Now let us learn 50 prefix

Note the format:     Prefix (meaning) examples

  1. a-, an-   (without, not)       anesthetic, atheist
  2. ab-         (away, from)         abject, abscess
  3. ad-, a-, ac-, as-   (to, toward)           access, admit, assist
  4. ante       (before) antecedent, anterior
  5. anti-       (against)  antibiotics, antioxidant
  6. auto-     (self)         autoimmune, autonomous
  7. ben-      (good)      benefit, benign
  8. bi-           (two, both)   bifocals, bipolar
  9. cap-           (head)   captain, capital 
  10. circum– (around ) circumference, circumscribe
  11. co-, com-, con-  (with, together)   companion, concurrent
  12. contra-, counter- (against)  contradict, counteract
  13. de-         (down, undo, not)               degenerate, depress
  14. di-, dis- (lack of, not, apart)             disadvantage, displacement
  15. eu-         (good, normal)     eugenics, eulogy
  16. ex- (or e-) (out (of)), former expose, extract
  17. exo-, ecto-, extra-, extro-             (outside ) exoskeleton, extraordinary
  18. fore-      (before)  foresee, foreshadow
  19. hemi-    (half) hemisphere
  20. hyper    (above, excessive)              hyperactive, hypertension
  21. hypo-    (under, insufficient)           hypodermic, hypothetical
  22. il-, im-, in-, ir-     in, (into, not, against)        illegitimate, inadequate
  23. inter-     (among. between)             interpose, intervene
  24. intra-     (within)   intramural, intravenous
  25. macro-  (large)      macrobiotic, macrocosm
  26. mal-      (bad)        malfunction, malignant
  27. micro-   (small)      microbe, microscope
  28. mis-       (wrong)   misfortune, mistake
  29. mono-  (one)        monolingual, monopoly
  30. multi-    (many)     multiple, multitask
  31. non-      (not, lacking)         nonfat, nonsense
  32. ob-,o-, oc-, op-  (against, over, completely)             object, occur, omit, oppose
  33. omni-   (all)            omnipotent, omnivorous
  34. over-     (too much, general)           overall, overdone, overview
  35. peri-      (around )peripheral, periscope
  36. poly-      (many)     polygamous, polygon
  37. post-     (after)      postgraduate, postpone
  38. pre-       (before)  precede, predict, prevent
  39. pro-       (forward) progress, promotion
  40. quad-    (four)       quadriplegic, quadrangle
  41. re-          (again, back)          reform, retain, regenerate
  42. semi-     (half, partially)      semiannual, semiconscious
  43. sub-, sup-, sus-  (under)    submarine, subtropical
  44. super-, supra-    (above, excessive)              superlative, suprarenal
  45. sym-, syn-           (with, together)   sympathy, synthetic
  46. trans-    (across, beyond) Transform, transportation
  47. tri-          (three)     tricycle, triple
  48. ultra-    (beyond. excessive)           ultraliberal, ultrasonic
  49. un-         (not)         undeserved, unhappy
  50. uni-        (one)       uniform, unilateral

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