GRE vocabulary exercise

GRE vocabulary exercise 3

Some words have multiple meanings. You need to choose the appropriate meaning based on the contextual usage of the word.  Click here to know about our GRE Online courses GRE Classroom coaching What next? Share Follow Share Share

GRE vocabulary exercise 2 – words in context

Language skills such as word usage, reading speed, meanings in context are tested in the GRE. This learning exercises will enable you to build on your language competence. As you work on the exercise, observe the usage of words and idioms carefully. Try this small quiz [ays_quiz id=’30’] Click here…

GRE vocabulary exercise 1 – Use prefixes to remember words

Learning the meaning of root words, prefixes, and suffixes. They can sometimes help you deduce the definition of an unfamiliar GRE word. Can you guess these words… [ays_quiz id=’27’] Now let us learn 50 prefix Note the format:     Prefix (meaning) examples a-, an-   (without, not)       anesthetic, atheist…

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