Math lessons set 1

Set 1 - Questions 1

Question 1

Math lesson GMAT MBA


State whether the following statements are true or false:
1. If a and b are any two integers such that a > b, then -a > – b.
Answer: False.
As per the number line. If a =3 and b=2 then -3 will be left of -2. So -2>-3

2.If the sum of an integer and its opposite is zero, then they are called additive inverses of each other.
Answer: True
The additive inverse of A is -A. A+(-A)=0

3. The negative of 0 is -0.
Answer: false. Zero is neither positive or negative

4. The sum of positive and negative integers is always negative.
Answer: false
5+(-2) = 3 which is positive
But 5+ (-6) = -1 which is negative
If the statement was: The sum of positive and negative integers can be negative. Then the statement is true

5.All rectangles are squares.
Answer: False
A square is 4 sided figure with all sides equal. A rectangle is a 4 sided figure with opposite side equal. Square is a special type of rectangle.
All squares are rectangles. But all rectangles are not squares.

Question 2

math concepts
math concepts
math concepts

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