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semantics is an educational preparation company. Our main areas of expertise are entrance preparation – classroom coaching for entrance exams such as GMAT,GRE, IELTS & TOEFL, and test content development.

In the content development space, we design and develop test content for corporate. Thomas Assessments Pvt Ltd, Tata-McGraw Hill are some of our clients for whom we have created test content.

We have conducted preparatory training on college campuses in and around Chennai such as SRM University, Velammal Engineering College, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Jerusalem College of Engineering, Tagore Engineering College and Ethiraj College for Women.

The corporate for whom we have conducted HR training include the BPO division of HCL Technologies, Accel IT Academy and Solutions Net India Private Limited.

Chief Instructors

George Anand

An engineering graduate and an IIM alumnus, with strong interest in academics, mainly in the areas of math and reasoning; he has 10 years of entrance preparation experience.

Dr. MP Vijayakumari

An educational psychologist, whose doctoral thesis titled ‘Problem Solving Strategies and Cognitive Capabilities’ ( Mysore University) is the basis of our training methodology with the unique ‘Reasoning Development Labs’( RDLs), a foundation for higher order thinking skills. She has 18 years of experience in entrance preparation, viz course designing, classroom training and faculty development.

The Semantics Approach

The semantics approach to test preparation, built upon existing theory and best practices in cognitive development, draws from ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives’**

The higher order thinking skills in Bloom’s taxonomy – analysis, synthesis and evaluation– correspond to problem solving, verbal and analytical skills tested in admission tests.

We have designed rule-driven, logic-based courses to enable test takers to move toward critical thinking, a skill that is both necessary and difficult to acquire.

Divergent math problem solving, induction – deduction, Venn diagrams, hypothesis formulation and testing are some of the instructional strategies employed to build logic skills, through the exclusive Reasoning Development Labs (RDLs), sessions that foster reasoning skills.

Interactive learning sessions and outcome-based assessment provide students with a useful framework to transfer of learning from task to real test

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