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Reading Comprehension

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Reading ability is a cognitive disposition acquired over years of learning and practice – both conscious and unconscious. Reading ability depends, to a greater extent, on readability – the attribute of the reading material.

You should not assume that your reading ability is poor simply by assessing the speed with which you have read, say a passage on philosophy. Even if you have previous reading in philosophy, you require more time to read a philosophy passage owing not only to the abstraction involved but also to the implicit meaning underlying such text than read a passage on a concrete readable text.

At the same time you should realize that there are certain cognitive behaviours that are peculiar to efficient readers, 

  • concentration
  • mental translation as one navigates through the passage
  • summation
  • connecting ideas
  • inferring
  • judging the material.

While reading a passage

  • make a mental map
  • what each of the paragraphs deals with, 
  • the author’s intent… 
  • Read a passage and form a mental summary

This exercise serves two purposes:

  1. Build comprehension and speed by getting started with easier and shorter passages.
  2. Prepare you for verbal questions in which you are required to choose the summary of a short paragraph.

To begin do this small exercise

[ays_quiz id='28']

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