GRE vocabulary exercise 8

GRE vocabulary

Directions:  Study the lines.. write the meaning of the words highlighted in blue..

Use context of the word to guess the meaning.

Ongoing proceedings before the Supreme Court raise concerns about the conduct of some Governors. The key issue that has forced State governments to approach the court for redress is the perverse ______(A)_______manner in which incumbents ______(B)_______ in Raj Bhavan have used the absence of a time-frame for granting assent ______(C)_______to Bills to harass ______(D)_______and frustrate elected regimes. When the court raised the question, “What was the Governor doing for three years?” with respect to the Tamil Nadu Governor, R.N. Ravi, it was underscoring ______(E)_______the fact that he disposed of pending Bills only after the court’s observations about the delay in an earlier hearing. The Governor’s reluctance to act until an aggrieved ______(F)_______government approached the court seems deliberate. The hearing was marked by some questions and answers about the implications ______(G)_______of the Governor’s action in withholding his assent to 10 Bills, and the response of the State Assembly in passing the Bills for a second time. Preliminary observations by the court suggest that the scheme of Article 200 of the Constitution, which deals with the presentation of Bills passed by the legislature to the Governor for assent______(H)_______, will come under a good deal of scrutiny______(I)_______ in this matter. With the court noting that the Governor cannot refuse assent to the re-enacted Bills, the present legislative impasse can be given a quick resolution if Mr. Ravi acts on the observation. However, the matter should not end there.

The larger issue requires a clear enunciation ______(J)_______of the law. The tenor of Constituent Assembly debates indicates that it intended to make the power of granting or withholding assent to Bills, or even returning them for reconsideration, exercisable solely on the advice of the Council of Ministers. However, in practice, many Governors have acted on their own, especially in reserving Bills for the President’s consideration. The Supreme Court must now come up with an authoritative decision so that uncooperative Governors do not use such grey areas to their advantage. 













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