GRE vocabulary exercise 9

GRE vocabulary

Directions:  Study the lines.. write the meaning of the words highlighted in Red..
A dissonant chord in the world of Carnatic music

Source- The Hindu

T.M. Krishna, the stormy petrel of Carnatic music, and this year's winner of The Music Academy, Madras’s, prestigious Sangita Kalanidhi award, is an ardent artist and an avid activist.


As an artist he is rooted in tradition but his vision is new, seeking boundless horizons. He is nourished by the past but not circumscribed by it. Like a gushing mountain stream ever refreshing but bound by its banks. As an activist, both in the domain of music and on societal and civic issues, he espouses causes, amplifying the voice of the voiceless. He ruffles the feathers of the conservatives on the concert stage and those in power on civic platforms. Some would say he delights in poking the bull in the eyes.


The artiste's stage

Any concert of Mr. Krishna is always teasingly enchanting . It is also provoking , disturbing, awakening. It is a feast for the purists  of the art form, delightful for the avant-garde and is full of surprises to thedevout believers who are pantheistic in their outlook. But the religious fanatics bristle at his irreverence  toward long-held beliefs and feel outraged. The atheists and agnostics celebrate his audacity when he cocks a snook at the conservatives. The old. who are true connoisseurs of classical music, grudgingly admire him, even though he is unconventional . Modern youth who are drawn to classical music and students of that art adore  him.


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