GRE vocabulary exercise 10

GRE vocabulary

Directions:  Study the lines.. write the meaning of the words highlighted in Red..
A dissonant chord in the world of Carnatic music

Source- The Hindu

He has a huge fan base. He is gifted, charismatic and daring. He is an iconoclast  but his music and his views have evolved and are shaped by eclectic  interests and deep research. He is an author of books on classical music, art and the artisans of classical musical instruments and their loving devotion to their age-old craft and their discrimination, alienation, neglect and obscurity. He is a prolific  writer, tireless speaker on art and contemporary issues, and an intrepid  activist. His works have drawn critical acclaim as well as ire .


 His music and his repertoire  of actions always baffle  you. He is an unbeliever who mesmerizes  you when he sings devotional songs in temple festivals. He is an innovator and a disruptor who does not subvert . It is when he challenges and questions our cultural and social spaces in the realm of art and its orthodoxies. gender bias and caste-ism, its hypocrisies and its undercurrent of politics that are often exclusive, divisive  and discriminatory and holds a mirror to us that we are offended.


 He may be a non-conformist . He may at times be abrasive and arrogant. He may not draw universal praise but he sparks lively debate and enriches art by celebrating various genres.


This may have seemed sacrilegious  to the orthodox. Mr. Krishna says music is universal. He is a serious student of the art, a purist  when he sings the major ragas and compositions, and one who is constantly experimenting and transcending himself in every concert by seeking to explore new frontiers..


The most coveted  Sangita Kalanidhi title conferred  on him has stirred up  a hornet's nest among musicians and music enthusiasts. In fact social media seems to be driving the polarization among musicians along abominable  lines.


 We will be smothering  the creativity of future generations if, in the name of tradition, we cultivate a certain bigotry  imprisoned by the habit of a past generation. True art is not a magnificent tomb brooding  over the immemorial past. Music, like art, belongs to the procession of life, and is as different . a tree is from a seed. It is like the river, ever old and ever new. It has a wealth of inheritance. It must constantly evolve and burst forth with new blossoms and continually be nourished by the past.


Mr. Krishna may have erred  in boycotting the Music Academy and the various sabh. during the December fest. held every year just as those who arc now withdrawing from the festival and returning their awards are likely to be making a similar mistake.


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