Problem solving 10 min test 1

problem solving GMAT GRE math

Directions: choose the right answer for each of the following questions.

5 questions in 10 mins

Problem 1

3 men & 12 women finish a job in 8 days while 2 men and 4 women finish it in 15 days. In how many days will 10 women working together will finish the same job?

(A) 15          (B) 20       (C) 24        (D) 30        (E) 32

Problem 2

A paint crew gets a rush order to paint 80 houses in a new development. They paint the first y houses at a rate of x houses per week. Realizing that they’ll be late at this rate, they bring in some more painters and paint the rest of the houses at the rate of 1.25x houses per week. The total time it takes them to paint all the houses under this scenario is what fraction of the time it would have taken if they had painted all the houses at their original rate of x houses per week?

(A) 0.8(80 – y)         (B) 0.8 + 0.0025y                (C) 80/y – 1.25

(D) 80/1.25y             (E) 80 – 0.25y


Problem 3

How many factors of 240 are also multiples of 3 ?

A. 5        B. 8         C. 9

D. 10      E. 20


Problem 4

It takes 6 technicians a total of 10 hours to build and program a new server from Direct Computer, with each working at the same rate. If six technicians start to build the server at 11:00 AM, and one technician per hour is added beginning at 5:00 PM, at what time will the server be complete?

A. 7:30 PM       B. 7:45 PM        C. 8:00 PM

D. 9:00 AM        E. 10:00 PM


Problem 5

If 80 lamps can be lighted, 5 hours per day for 10 days for $21.25, then the number of lamps, which can be lighted 4 hours daily for 30 days, for $76.50, is

(A) 100          (B) 120          (C) 150           (D) 160         (E) 180


Answer key:

1.C 2. B 3.D 4.C 5.B

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