GMAT study plan 3 phases

GMAT study plan

Duration: Your preparation can last for 5 months or 3 months or 1 month. Ideally you can be GMAT ready in 1.5 – 2 months . Lets have a chat to see if you can be ready in less time. My contact link is below


The Plan

I feel GMAT preparation can be broken into 3 phases.

  • Phase 1- concepts
  • Phase 2 – application
  • Phase 3- mastery.

I will go into each phase after explaining the thinking behind the plan

The thinking
As a tutor, I primarily focus on efficiency.
Maximum performance in shortest possible time
I would recommend a preparation time of 1.5 – 2 months. A structured study plan, designed keeping your strengths and weakness in mind, is paramount. This study plan will make or break your preparation.

If you need help in making a study plan, feel free to contact me. You can see my bio below.

A little bit about me.
I am George, a GMAT tutor, since 2008. I coach students online as well as offline at my center in Chennai, India. You can

Now lets focus on the plan
This plan requires
1. GMAT Study material – study books /learning videos
2. GMAT Practice tests- Progressive test series -Test difficulty level increases systematically.
3. GMAT Computer adaptive tests

Phase 1: Concepts
Learning objective: Build concepts. Don’t worry on speed. Focus on accuracy
Here are few Activities in phase 1

Visit and understand the GMAT test structure, Take the Diagnostic test. See your comfort level. If you feel you are ready to dive into preparation get into prep mode or else … get a tutor

Use your prep material to

  • Work on your math computation skills. Learn basic mathematical computation like multiplication squares/cubes/square roots. I recommend vedic math. Watch this tutorial to compute faster

  • Collect all the math formula relevant to the exam
  • Identify and collect all the grammar rules . This learning video can show you the first step in sentence correction preparation

  • Identify the different question types in the Critical reasoning section. Make a list of them. Collect a strategy for each question type. This learning video can guide you..
  • Collect idioms and study them – you need to study idioms with their usage. Watch this learning tutorial

Develop the skill of critical reading. GMAT reading comprehension passages tests your ability to infer information from the passage. Watch this learning tutorial

Points to note

  • Practice easy to medium level questions to build confidence.
  • Work on GMAT type passages always.
  • Improve your basic vocabulary

Check your progress at the end of this stage

  • your accuracy level should be 50% in each section
  • You should have completed atleast 50 GMAT reading comprehension passages

Phase 2: Application

Learning objective:
Build speed. You need to solve a question in less than 2 minutes. Focus on speed
Here are few Activities in phase 2,

  • Do section tests topic wise
  • Write 10+ GMAT analytical writing essays. Get them evaluated by a subject matter expert
  • Focus on higher order thinking skills in math and verbal. For example Check this tutorial on probability, permutation combination

Check your progress

  • your accuracy level should be 75% in each section
  • You should have completed atleast 100 GMAT reading comprehension passages

Phase 3: Mastery
Learning objective: Test yourself and track your progress.

  • Practice GMAT Official guide questions x 3 times
  • Take 10+ mock computer adaptive tests
  • Revise your error logs…. many times
  • Complete 150 GMAT reading comprehension passage

If you reach your target score in 5 tests or more then go ahead an book your test slot.
Continue practicing till day of exam
I hope that you got the flow. Feel free to contact me if you have further doubts. Happy learning. 


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