GMAT or GRE: Which is right for you

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The Context:

If you see yourself in a leadership role in management or consulting, MBA will be helpful.

The MBA course covers marketing, finance and economics. The skills you learn will help you tackle scenarios which you will encounter as business leader

If you like to specialize in a particular field, a masters degree or a PhD is a better option.

So now comes the critical question:

Should I do the GMAT or the GRE?

If you are unsure which one to do. Do the GRE. Your options are more as you can opt for masters in science or business or a Phd. Many B-schools take GRE.

Keep in mind B-schools will accept both GRE and GMAT, the admissions committee may prefer that you take the GMAT. Do your research and ask around.

What is common to the GRE and GMAT?

  • Both involve high school math- arithmetic, algebra and data analysis
  • Both rely heavily on reading comprehension

The difference:

GRE quant is easier than GMAT quant, but since GRE verbal is vocabulary heavy, you won’t likely find GRE verbal any easier than GMAT verbal, and you may find that learning the vocabulary you need for GRE verbal is a huge task.If vocabulary is your strength, then take the GRE.

If you prepare effectively for GMAT quant and verbal, you should be able to increase your quant and verbal scores significantly in two months

Bonus tip:

Even though many business schools accept both the GMAT and GRE for admission, think about your post-MBA plans. If you’re looking to get into finance or consulting, beware that some of the top firms will look at your GMAT score as an element of your recruitment.

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