10 must NOT do’s for reading comprehension


10 must NOT DOs for reading comprehension

1. Reading only for the topic

Read for the author’s opinions running parallel to the topic as well

2.Concentrating on the specific details

Higher weightage questions demand overall intent, flow and tone of the passage.

3.Choosing a stated idea for inference question

The answer to an inference question is never explicitly stated in the passage; it is implied

4.Taking the notes too far

One way to keep track of a long passage is by making thought flow chart; use symbols arrows to show relationships

5.Losing track of ‘who says what’

The passage may present multiple perspectives- of the author’s, someone else’s ( being quoted)..

6.Overlooking the question stem.

Some question stems are simple, yet others roundabout. ensure that you are clear what the question asks.

7.Undermining the need to build vocabulary

One third of the RC questions demand word knowledge…. Skepticism, laudatory, archaic, condescending…these all appear

8.Over reading

Skip, examples, specific details, long parenthetical statements….

9.‘ NOT SEEing crucial words- Only, except, not in the question stem

10. First reading- a slow ‘thorough’ reading

The first reading can be a faster skimming, for the main points of discussion.


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