3 ways to improve your math skills

3 ways to improve math skills - GMAT, GRE

Math is tough for some of us.

The reason – The way math was taught to us in school or college

Can it be mastered now?

Yes, you can….

The exam tests your mathematical reasoning.

Your ability to

  • reason with numbers and symbols.
  • apply principles/formula and solve questions
  • evaluate cases or arguments
  • strategize for a solution
  • identify patterns and use logic
  • check data efficacy and more.

So if you are taught skills ( Skills are different from math concepts), you will be fine.

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So how we do work on our math skills. Here are 3 ways, which can help you hone your general math skills

1.Make math part of your daily life... practice it without even thinking.

For example, if a dress that’s regularly $50 is on sale for 30% off, what is the sale price?  

Do simple calculation.

Or if you have to travel 20 miles. You are going at a speed of 20 miles per hour. How long will you take?

2.Use mental math everyday.

20+30+45+60 = ??? don’t use calculator.

what is 15 squared or what is 20 squared…

Everyday spend 5 – 10 minutes working on basic computation

3.Practice diagramming.

Always picture a math problem.

Make few circles/ draw connections/ some stick figures….

Here are sample images for math problems

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Happy learning..

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