Choose yours: course variants designed to suit your need

Online live classes / offline coaching (Batch / one-on-one)

Option 1

GRE full course

80-hr coaching covering all areas of the exam

20-hr basic math  module(Optional)




For whom?

Those who are new to GRE

Option 2

GRE verbal exclusive


30-hr intensive coaching in all areas




 For whom?

Those who seek intensive inputs in verbal

Option 3

GRE score improvement package

Covers special areas in math/verbal which need improvement

Ranging from 15 hr to 25 hr as per your request

For whom?

Those who are already preparing/ planning to re-take


Option 4

GRE math course


Covers special areas in math/verbal which need improvement

Ranging from 15 hr to 25 hr as per your request

For whom?

Those who haven’t done math in a while 


Why choose semantics GRE program

825 pages of study notes

10 minute tests in every session

Extra hours of help in weak areas

Supervised weekly targets:
Reading passages / formulae listing/idioms...

Curriculum updated regularly

Complimentary 15hrs of IELTS/TOEFL classes

Your queries answered

Yes! We have a special back-to-school math program for you. This 20-hr course covers all the basic topics. This course will help you build a strong foundation.

You will be put through an initial diagnostic test. Your strengths and weakness will be assessed. Our academic team will design a study plan for you.  Follow this plan to ace the GRE.

Let’s have a chat.  After identifying your pain-points,  we will design a program for you. This program will be delivered one-on-one.

Yes! You can opt for the 20-hr score booster program. This program will focus only the weak areas and fortify them

Once you enroll for the program, you will get a set of 4 books. Some of the chapters in the books   

  • “Basic verbal reasoning module” 
  • “science of thinking” strategies for math
  • Sentence equivalence and text completion tips and strategies
  • power writing strategies for grade 6

GRE prep lessons

What students say
Despite having a non-engineering background, I was able to master math and reasoning concepts easily thanks to the unique approach that focused on the exam. The whole course got me thinking in a lean, logical and result-oriented manner. I highly recommend it.

….Joshua K
I had taken training at Semantics for GRE. The material provided for both quantitative and verbal sections were all encompassing and covered the fundamental concepts with clear examples. The tutors are also very friendly and make sure that all students understand the concepts thoroughly before moving on to further topics. The training helped me crack GRE with a score of 313 and I’m currently pursuing MS in Analytics at University of Texas at Dallas.

….Navin karthik

From the academic desk

How to overcome Math anxiety

Do you have a non-math background?
Has it been a long time since you touched your math books?
Feeling math-anxious?
Many students ask me this question. "Can I ace the GRE math, if I have a non-math background?" Yes, you can.
GRE verbal, GRE passages

Short GRE reading comprehension passages - How do I identify the answer quickly?

Is it possible to get all the GRE short passages questions correct?

Yes, it is possible to get all of the questions correct in the GRE.

GRE verbal

3 essential skills to ace GRE verbal

Here are 3 essential skills ,which are required to ace the GRE verbal
1. Writing a summary – rewording a paragraph in your own words
2. Observing the structure of the passage
3.Identifying clue words.

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