The semantics approach to test preparation, built upon existing theory and best practices in cognitive development, draws from ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives’*

The higher order thinking skills in Bloom’s taxonomy – analysis, synthesis and evaluation- correspond to problem solving, verbal and analytical skills tested in admission tests.

We have designed rule-driven, logic-based courses to enable test takers to move toward critical thinking, a skill that is both necessary and difficult to acquire.

Divergent math problem solving, induction - deduction, Venn diagrams, hypothesis formulation and testing are some of the instructional strategies employed to build logic skills, through the exclusive Reasoning Development Labs (RDLs), sessions that foster reasoning skills.

Interactive learning sessions and outcome-based assessment provide students with a useful framework to transfer of learning from task to real test.

the three-stage learning system

rules formulae...

concept tests


drawing inference
hypothesis testing
Venn diagram ...

strategy tests

practice with
real tests, discussion...

mock exams

*Benjamin S. Bloom is a celebrated cognitive psychologist whose ‘Taxonomy of Educational Objectives’ has been widely used as a frame work to design training programs.

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