• GRE : Annie 320
  • GRE : Rohan 330
  • GRE : Pradeep 315
  • GRE : Lakshmi 323
  • GRE : Rahul G 323
  • GRE : Satya S325
  • GRE : Suraj K - 320
  • GRE : Aruna A - 319

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) consists of three test sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

Structure of the Computer-based Test

GRE test section No.of questions Question types Timing
Analytical writing assessment 2 » Analysis of an argument
» Analysis of an issue
30 minutes each task
Verbal Reasoning
(Two sections)
20 questions per section   30 minutes per section
Quantitative Reasoning
(Two sections)
20 questions per section   35 minutes per section

What is the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination is designed by Educational Testing Services (ETS), USA, the scores of which is used as one of the criteria for admission to MS/PhD programs in various disciplines.

What are the versions of the GRE?

GRE subject test and GRE general test

What is the GRE general test?

The GRE general test, used more than the subject, is an aptitude test that measures an applicant’s verbal, numerical, reasoning and writing skills.

Does admission to universities depend only on GRE scores?

It is one of the various criteria that the admission council looks at. However, a good GRE score does improve chances of admission and financial aid.

Does one have to be an undergraduate for taking the GRE?

Not necessarily. However, to do a graduate program, one has to be an undergrad in any stream.

How do I register for the GRE?

Visit for details on fee, registration...

How is the scoring done?

Total score for math and verbal reasoning is 340 ( 170 + 170). The band will vary from 130- 170. Analytical writing will be graded on 0 - 6 scale.

Can I retake the GRE exam?

You can retake in 60 days, no more than 5 times in a yr

If I take GRE more than once, which score will be considered by the universities?

Almost all the universities take the best score.

Do I need to have the GRE score at the time of applying to universities?

Yes, you need to have the GRE score with you at the time of applying.

How important is the GRE score in helping secure scholarships for graduate studies?

The GRE score, your past academic record and your application materials play a vital part towards securing scholarships.

Do Business schools use GRE scores?

Yes, a good number of B schools use the GRE score instead of the GMAT score for admission purposes.

What is section- level adaptive?

The difficulty level of the questions in the second subsection of Verbal reasoning/quantitative reasoning is determined by your performance in the first section.

Is there a prescribed syllabus for GRE?

There is no prescribed syllabus, especially for the verbal section*. However for the quantitative section, ETS provides an indicative list of math concepts that may help orient your preparation. Remember that quantitative reasoning is more than math concepts. *experts in cognitive testing will be able to guide you on what competencies to build for the verbal reasoning sections.

What are the challenges in the GRE?

Longer duration, complex passages, analytical reasoning, contextual usage of words rather than merely recognising meanings, tough math.

Is there negative marking in the revised test?

There is no penalty on incorrect answers. Weightage to questions with in a section is the same. Your score is determined by the total number of questions answered correctly. Partially correct answers in multiple. Answers format considered invalid.

Is there penalty on unfinished section?

No there is no penalty on unfinished section.

How is the test scored?

Raw scores indicate the number of correct answers in the two sub sections put together. A scaled score is compute on a band of 130- 170; you can score a 151, 152…

Why does the revised test have an on-screen calculator?

An on-screen calculator is included in the Quantitative Reasoning section to ease computation. The emphasis is not on computation skills but on reasoning. Hence providing a calculator doesn’t make problem solving just as easy. The calculator will have four functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and a square root. For paper-based tests, calculators will be provided to tests takers at the test center for use during the test.

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